Chandrasekhar is an Indian upcoming television drama biopic series which will be featuring the life of the freedom fighter Chandrasekhar Azad. The show depicting the life of Chandrasekhar Azad from his childhood to the war of freedom against Britisher will be airing on the channel Star Bharat and Star Bharat HD. Chandrasekhar is based upon the biopic of Chandrasekhar Azad who has fought for the independence of India and shot himself without being captured by Britisher. However, the show will be depicting the childhood of the martyr. In promo of the show, the young Chandrasekhar has been depicted as rebel from his very childhood and fighting against his fears. He was seen stopping britisher from hurting common people, fighting with men who are way bigger than him and fighting against his fear. The promo also has shown that how his mother’s teachings helped him to evolve. Young Chandrasekhar’s character is played by the child actor Dev Joshi. The story of the series is written by the writer of series like Devon Ke Dev Mahadev and Siya ke Ram, that is Anirudh Pathak who is also producing the show. The show will air its premier episode on 12th march 2018 , Monday to Saturday at 10 pm on Star Bharat and Star Bharat HD.